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Charting a CLEAR and ACTIONABLE path to your financial goals 
Your financial journey is like a mountain climb.  There is a base camp, an ascent, and a descent.  No matter what stage of your financial plan you are  currently in, you will find relevant information on how to chart your course to Financial Independence using one of the most successful financial strategies that has stood the test of time.  
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Here's What You'll Get Inside the Altitude Wealth Academy
Exclusive Members Only Training Portal

A baseline of current training to show you how to apply one of the most successful financial strategies that you can use today to protect, 

grow, and utilize your personal wealth.  Additionally, you will receive ongoing content and training uploaded directly into the members only portal.  

Here's What You'll Learn On The Inside

Wealth Foundations
Mapping Your Course

Would you rather know what the wealthy are doing with their money NOW or would you rather know what the DID to grow their wealth in the first place?  

Wealth Foundations will show you how to accelerate your investing timelines and achieve financial independence in as little as 10 years.

Financial Myth-Conceptions
Staying On Track

All wealth is built on fundamental principles.  The Myth-Conceptions section will expose the destructive myths and misconceptions utilized in traditional financial planning today.  

Knowing what not to do is half of the battle.  When you know what is NOT working it is easier to identify what WILL work for you.  Regardless of your age or experience, this section will prove invaluable.

Starting Out
Financial Base Camp

One of the most common mistakes new investors make is they focus on building successful investment plan by picking the right individual investments. 

The truth is that a successful investment plan is the result of a well executed strategy.

Growing Wealth
Your Swiss Army Knife of Financial Tools

Have you ever felt like the best investment opportunities are passed between small groups of well connected?  Well its true.  The best investments rarely see the light of day.

Here we will teach you how we leverage your cash value to acquire assets that generate passive income. Then, we will connect you with the people who help us do it.

Wealth Acceleration
Strategies To Grow Wealth More Effectively

For many, they feel like retirement is out of their grasp simply becasue they have been burned by traditional financial strategies time and time again.  If you are in a position where you need to grow your wealth quickly to make up for past losses or just lost time this section is for you.

Here you will learn financial strategies not commonly offered by Wall Street.  You will learn how the truly wealthy grow their money without taking more risk.  

Nearing Retirement
Financial Base Camp

This is probably the most challenging of all the phases of your financial journey.  Its the place where you can see the summit, but instead of being excited about reaching the long awaited goal, many feel scared about whether they are prepared for retirement.  

By now, each person has experienced the uncertainty life throws at all of us.  A market crash, a job loss or other event has made the ground feel uneasy.

The Summit section is aimed at those still working to grow their wealth but who need a plan for retirement putting you back on solid ground.

Maximizing Income
Your Swiss Army Knife of Financial Tools

Probably the most frequent question we get asked is "Am I too late (or too old) to do this?" 

The answer is no!  You are not too late or too old.  The principles of financial independence are the same regardless of your financial stage.  Its the application (or strategy) of those principles that will differ. 

We have taught clients who are about to retire or already in retirement how to create as much as 20-80% more  income from their existing retirement assets.

Financial Legacy
Life Is More Than Money Create A Living Legacy

Generational wealth is something that few families accomplish.  This strategy will nearly guarantee that you will pass on a financial legacy to future generations.  

Life is more than the money you have, its about the life that you have created.  As you have success with this strategy you will have several opportunities to pass on a better financial strategy to those you love.

When your money can grow and be utilized at the same time a world of possibilities open up 

Finance 101
Understanding the Basics

Unfortunately so much of what is taught today in personal finance is dangerous, misleading or an outright lie.  In the Finance 101 section you will learn basic financial principles about commonly utilized strategies so you can make more effective decisions. 

When you know the simple truths inherent in financial strategy today you can be more strategic about how you protect, grow and utilize your wealth.  

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Over 50 Comprehensive Webinars And Training Resources Providing Clear & Actionable Direction To Improve Your Financial Plan
**New training, content and resources added every month**

Video Action Guides
  • Wealth Foundations Video Series- The Strategy to teach you how to build the right foundation to align and support all of your financial goals
  • Wealth Myth-Conceptions Video Series- A detailed training series to help you determine what is not working with traditional finance today.  Knowing what not to do is half the battle.  
  • Starting Out Video Series- Get the training you need to know how to structure your financial plan so you are poised for long term success.  
  • Growing Wealth Video Series - In this training you will learn about one of the most successful financial tools and strategies you can use.  
  • Accelerated Growth Strategies Video Series - Learn the strategies of those who are successfully building their wealth outside of traditional Wall Street investments.  
  • Nearing Retirement Video Series - Learn how to position your assets to minimize risk, and maximize income as you get ready for one of the most anticipated times in your life; retirement
  • Zero Percent Retirement Video series - Learn how to maximize your spendable retirement income by minimizing your taxes.  Contrary to popular belief differed taxes are a ticking time bomb in most peoples retirement strategy.  
  • Maximizing Retirement Income Video Series Increasing your spendable income has more to do with your asset allocation than nearly anything else.  Find out the ideal balance of assets to give you more income and a higher probability of not running out of money in retirement.  
  • Perpetuating Retirement Income Video Series - One of the biggest concerns people have as they get into retirement is outliving their income.  Learn how to have a more abundant and stress free retirement with the peace of mind of never running out of money.  
  • Building A Legacy Video Series - Learn how to pass on more than money but a philosophy that will ensure that your family and future generations live a more abundant life.  
  • Finance 101 Video Series - Learn how to see through some of the most commonly perpetuated financial dogma and understand how you can build a simple plan geared toward Financial Independence.  
Written Action Guides
  • Ebooks & Podcasts To Reinforce 
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